Signature Wood-Fired Pizzas

Cheese Pizza - $8 (10-inch), $12 (14-inch)

This is a typical American style pizza with low moisture fior di latte mozzarella and tomato sauce. We make an upside down or grandma pizza which means the sauce goes on top of the cheese. This allows the dough to rise instead of being bogged down by sauce and the sauce stays more vibrant. If you prefer a drier pizza this is the one for you.

Margherita Pizza - $9 (10-inch), $14 (14-inch)

This is an Italian style pizza where the sauce goes directly on the dough. Next, fresh basil and fresh fior di latte mozzarella are added with a swirl of pure California olive oil. This is a much wetter pizza. It is meant to be eaten with a fork and knife on a plate immediately after coming out of the oven.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza - $9 (10-inch), $14 (14-inch)

This pizza has low moisture fior di latte mozzarella, oven-roasted chicken breast and hot sauce.

BBQ Chicken Pizza - $9 (10-inch), $14 (14-inch)

This pizza has low moisture fior di latte mozzarella, oven-roasted chicken breast and sweet bbq sauce.

White Pizza - $9 (10-inch), $14 (14-inch)

This pizza has low moisture fior di latte mozzarella, oven-roasted garlic and olive oil.

Crab Dip Pizza - $14 (10-inch), $20 (14-inch)

This pizza has our homemade crab dip which contains several types of cheese, oven-roasted vegetables and backfin crab meat. This pizza is very rich and is definitely one to split with a friend to two.

Create Your Own Pizza

Add toppings to any cheese or specialty pizza.

Toppings $1.50 each (10-inch), $2.50 each (14-inch)

Ground Beef
Sliced Meatballs
Roasted Red Peppers
Roasted Garlic
Fresh Jalapeno
Vegan Cheese

Banana Peppers
Black Olives
Baby Spinach
Chopped Tomatoes
Red Onions
Green Peppers
Fresh Mozzarella

*Add fresh basil to any pizza at no charge

Subs & Sandwiches

Served with Fresh Cut Fries

Angus Burger

Add Double Meat - $3.00

Mushrooms, Fried or Raw Red Onions, Banana Peppers, Hot Peppers, Jalapeno Peppers, Green Peppers, and Sweet Peppers


with lettuce, tomato, mayo and American or Provolone cheese
$  10

Chicken Cheesesteak

with lettuce, tomato, mayo, American or Provolone cheese
$  9

Meatball Sub

3 meatballs, sauce, and a sprinkle of mozzarella
$  10

Italian Sub

with lettuce, tomato, onion, oil and vinegar, and Provolone cheese
$  9

7oz. Black Angus Burger

with lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles, American cheese and mayo
$  10.50

Beyond Burger

the delicious plant-based burger
$  11.50

Chicken Caesar Wrap

$  9

Chicken Parm Sub

$  9

Buffalo Chicken Wrap

$  9

Tuna Wrap or Sub

$  9

Chicken Salad Wrap or Sub

$  9

Other Items

Boardwalk Fries

$  4

Cheese or Gravy Fries

$  5

Loaded Fries

cheese, red onion, bacon, side of ranch
$  6

Boneless Chicken Bites

served with french fries
$  9

Chicken Wings

all natural chicken choice of medium, hot, bbq, and Old Bay
$  10

Fried Mozzarella

$  7

Jalepeno Poppers

$  8


Mini Cannolis

3 mini cannoli shells filled with a vanilla, chocolate chip mascarpone cream
$  5


a chocolate shell filled with vanilla and chocolate gelato and a maraschino cherry in the middle OR spumoni which is strawberry, pistachio, and chocolate gelato.
$  5


1-liter sparkling water $4.50

1/2-liter sparkling water $2.50

2-liter soda $3

Bottled water and canned beverages $1

24oz fountain soda, tea, lemonade $2.75

16oz fountain soda, tea, lemonade $2.50

12 oz fountain soda, tea, lemonade $2.25


11 AM until 9 PM

Closed Sunday & Monday.




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Stevensville, MD 21666